December 2011 Board Meeting Agenda


December 2011 Board Meeting Agenda

Hamilton East Public Library


4:00 p.m., Thursday, December 15, 2011

East Meeting Room, Fishers Library



Board Members present or absent:  Brisco_____, Crandall_____, Jacobi_____, James_____, Meyer_____, Partlow_____, Sharp_____.

Visitors:  _________________________________________________________

Staff:  Shaw_____, Neal_____, Staff Association_____,


I.              Consent agenda

A.   Minutes of the meeting of November 17, 2011

B.   Claims and warrants


Motion:                                                    Second:

II.            Items removed from the consent agenda


Motion:                                                    Second:

III.       Potential change to telecommunications contract (Rob Brown)


                Motion:                                                Second:

IV.       Interim Director’s Report


V.       Other old or new business


VI.      Adjournment



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