November Board Meeting Minutes

November 2011 Library Board Meeting Minutes

Hamilton East Public Library
Board Meeting Minutes
November 17, 2011



Bob James, Marianne Jacobi, Brian Meyer, John Partlow, Steve Sharp                                         
Melissa Brisco, Bill Crandall
Others Guest, Edra Waterman; Church, Church, Hittle & Antrim representative, Jennifer Williams; Library Interim Director, Linda Shaw; Business Manager, Robyn Neal; staff members, Mary Bardonner, Tim Myers, Mary Kay Patterson, Kathy Sasseman,  Melissa Stewart, Diane Krall, Donna Millikan, Lori Holewinski, and Theresa Tyner.
Convene Board Vice President, Bob James, called the meeting to order at 4:00 p.m. in the North Conference Room of the Noblesville Library.


Marianne Jacobi moved and John Partlow seconded to approve theconsent agenda.  Motion passed unanimously with 5 aye votes.  Consent agenda was comprised of the minutes of the meeting of October 27, 2011 and November claims and warrants.
Jennifer Williams reported that the omitted paragraph could be reinstated as worded.  She suggested that approval of this policy would be in alignment with our goals and relevant to recent law.  Groups would then need the approval of HEPL before advertising meetings open to the public.  Brian Meyer made a motion to restore the wording to our policy, and that motion was seconded by John Partlow.  The motion passed unanimously.
RFP for
Tim Myers made a recommendation of Engledow for landscape services for Noblesville for 2012.  Steve Sharp made the motion to accept Tim’s recommendation, contracting with Engledow.   John Partlow seconded the motion.  This motion passed unanimously.
Interim Director, Linda Shaw, asked for direction in hiring a part-time circulation clerk and a substitute librarian who could work in Youth Services and Reference.  No motion or vote was taken, but Shaw was directed to advertise and fill those personnel needs.  The Board felt waiting until Edra Waterman starts as Director in January 2012 was too long to wait for a solution to the problem.
This revision was made to correct errors in the minimum clerk figure and the maximum specialist II and department head figures.  These errors were believed to be typographical errors.  It also separates specialist I and librarian I and specialist II and librarian II.  John Partlow made the motion to approve the revision retroactively to the 2010/2011/2012 Wage/Salary Ranges.  Steve Sharp seconded the motion.  Motion passed unanimously.

a.         It was reported at the Fishers Chamber of Commerce and in the Indianapolis Star that the Town of Fishers will be building a 4,000  seat amphitheater across the street from the Fishers Library.  There is no mention of additional parking.  There is already a parking problem on the nights of the Summer Concert Series at Town Hall. 

b.         Would an e-mail reminder be preferred over a phone reminder of Board meeting?  Bob James preferred a call from Anita.  The others present were OK with an e-mail reminder. 

 c.         A patron has repeatedly made threats to staff whenever there is a dispute over her son’s card, use of the computer lab, etc.  Noblesville Police were called Tuesday evening.  Members of the Board agreed that this patron is to be banned for 60 days from Library property.  Edra Waterman will send a banishment letter to Jennifer Williams for review. 

Other Old
or New

a.         Jennifer Williams drafted a policy on Automated External Defibrillators.  She feels the library would be covered by Good Samaritan and liability laws.  Marianne Jacobi made the motion to accept the policy with Brian Meyer seconding the motion.  The AED policy was passed unanimously.

 b.            Bob James gave a brief report on the annual Indiana Library Federation conference in Ft. Wayne.  He and Marianne Jacobi felt that more substantive programs would be an improvement.

Adjourn John Partlow moved that the meeting be adjourned at 4:47 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,



Brian Meyer



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