School and Service Groups

volunteers make a difference

The Library does accept as volunteers persons required to complete community service for school, scouts and honors programs.

Please provide ample time to complete required hours. A volunteer application is required. Please bring in copies of all required paperwork for your service organization at the time of the interview.

It has been approved through School Leaders and Educators, certain flexible volunteering opportunities, virtual volunteering and donations.

Most agencies require students to volunteer to get an understanding on what it is like to be part of their community, no one likes to be "forced" to do good, so volunteering at HEPL is a way to develop skills to want to continue to volunteer or find other places that match specific interests.

As a required volunteer for service through school or scouts at HEPL, you will be given a brief presentation on the importance of community service no matter where and when, discussions will be held on what your interests are in regarding community service and how to find service in your community as you get older and develop different interests.

Again, please provide enough time to complete hours. It is noted that the newer generations are very giving and flexible with their time and their service with HEPL is appreciated.


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