TeenZone Volunteers and TAB

Good of people

The TeenZone is a great place to volunteer. Teen Advisory Board Members (TAB) help plan events and programs, pick the book club reads and movies, eat snacks, meet new friends and play lots of games. It's also a great place to study and keep the TeenZone area in order.

As a Teen, volunteering at HEPL is also a great way for youth to get job experience in order to apply for their first jobs.

As a TAB member, you will fill out a TAB application. Teen volunteers also serve as bouncers for our movie nights, Wii game experts and trainers, and book club moderators.

Studies have shown that colleges and scholarship committees look for teens who have experience on a governing board. Making decisions and planning for others to participate is a great leadership role and the HEPL TAB is a great way to get started.

TeenZone Volunteers also serve as library ambassadors. Making sure that other teens and youth are respecting the library, vending areas and study spaces. If you are interested in TAB, contact the Youth or TeenZone Service Desks at either library.


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