By: Marissa Meyer

Cinder didn’t ask to be different.  She didn’t ask for metal cyborg parts or the adopted family that could barely stand her. She certainly didn’t ask for the prince to notice her, but that’s exactly what she got.  Only he thinks she’s a normal girl,  and she’s terrified of what he’ll think of her if he ever finds out that she’s a freak. Unfortunately Cinder has no choice but to show up at the palace where he lives if she wants to save her kind sister, her only friend, from the plague that is spreading throughout New Beijing.

Cinder, the first book in the Lunar Chronicles, is an enjoyable futuristic book with very likable characters. Cinder, a spin-off from the classic Cinderella story, is quirky and endearing. Her robot friend, Iko, is funny, and the prince, of course, is “to die for.” A must read for those teens who enjoy both unconventional fairy tales and futuristic fiction. Suitable for ages 12+.

Review By: Julie Armstrong

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