Confessions of the Sullivan Sisters

Confessions of the Sullivan Sisters

ConfessionsConfessions of the Sullivan Sisters

By: Natalie Standiford

This delightful book tells the story of the three Sullivan Sisters and their quirky and obnoxiously rich family. Their Grandmother, or Almighty as she’s known to one and all, has written them all out of her extremely lucrative will unless one of the sisters will confess her sins. She’s just not telling which one! What follows are the tales of all three sister’s supposed sins: Norie with her tales of forbidden love, Jane with her blog spilling the family secrets, and Sassy whose only sin was to be made immortal…oh and to commit murder.

All three sisters are charming and hilarious in their own way. And their grandmother, Almighty, is definitely an intriguing character with her own special secrets. If you enjoy funny stories about family dramas and teenaged angst then you will love Confessions of the Sullivan Sisters. Suitable for teens 12 and older.

Review By: Julie Armstrong

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