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A to Z: Maps Online

Maps_Databases_0006_AtoZMapsOnlineA to Z Maps Online is a valuable teaching tool with 2,700 full-color flag images and icons, 300 geography crossword puzzles, 267 geography lesson plans, 30 interactive geography games, and quizzes.

A to Z: the USA

Maps_Databases_0000_AtoZusa_reA to Z The USA contains factual information about the 50 states and territories of the United States of America.

A to Z: World Travel


A to Z World Travel is a comprehensive, informative, and fun e-content travel database offering free and exclusive tourist and culture information on more than 160 of the top travel destinations in North America and around the globe.

Global Road Warrior

Maps_Databases_0004_GRWThe Global Road Warrior Library Edition is the most comprehensive business travel, telecommunications and business culture reference available in the world and covers 175 countries.

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Mango is a free library resource for library patrons and offers access to 60 foreign language courses and 17 English courses taught in the user’s native language. Each lesson combines real life situations and audio from native speakers with simple, clear instructions.

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National Geographic Kids

Fun and substantive, National Geographic Kids will take kids on amazing adventures in science, nature, culture, archaeology, and space. Includes National Geographic Kids magazine 2009-present (3 month embargo), 200 National Geographic Kids books, and 500 kid-friendly, downloadable images.

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