Business Databases

Getting Started

If you access our online databases while at the library, just click on the database you are interested in and begin exploring. If you are using a computer outside the library, you will need to enter your library card number (or student ID) and PIN into the login screen. Due to contractual agreements, not all borrower accounts may be able to access these resources from outside the library, in which case we encourage you to visit the library to use our computers.

If you encounter problems the first time you attempt to log in, please clear your browser’s cookies and try again.

Data Axle Reference Solutions (formerly Reference USA)

Data Axle Reference Solutions gives library patrons and business owners access to data on over 17 million businesses and 320 million consumers. With Reference Solutions, you can find jobs by job skills, location, and industry; find business opportunities; view historical market trends; track down addresses and phone numbers; and more!

Learn how to use this database here.

Morningstar’s Investing Center

Bus_Databases_0002_morningstar-reMorningstar’s Investing Center provides investment research, including stock and fund analysis, reports, and tools, as well as company, investing, and financial news.

Learn how to use this database here.

Niche Academy

With Niche Academy, you have access to free tutorials on computer skills, job readiness, social media platforms, library applications and more. Create an account to track your progress, or simply watch a skills video for a quick refresher.

Value Line

Bus_Databases_0005_ValueLineValue Line contains accurate, in-depth financial information on 1,700 actively traded, U.S. exchange-listed equities, in over 90 industry sectors. Renowned full-page stock reports are densely packed with current and historical data, income statements, balance sheets, and 3-5 year price and earnings projections. Also included are objective commentaries from expert analysts; aggregate data and ratings on industries and markets; customizable screens, graphs, technical charts and other stock evaluation tools, and pre-set and custom model portfolios.

Learn how to use this database here.