Preschool Outreach

Alert Notice: Preschool outreach will be suspended until further notice due to the rapidly evolving  COVID-19 pandemic. During this time, we encourage patrons, especially those most at risk, to use our downloadable media by accessing the link here to access books, music, magazines and movies.

Preschool teachers report that library visits help children stay excited about books and reading, and increase children’s vocabulary and attention span! Our visits incorporate reading, singing, talking, writing, and playing – five practices of early literacy. The Librarian will visit the classrooms you specify and spend 15-20 minutes with each class. The stories, songs and activities will be tailored to each age group.

Visits are scheduled on Mondays and Tuesdays, August through April, and are limited to four times per season (August through December, and January through April) per location.

This service is only available to daycare and preschool institutions at this time.

Typical Visit

Child cutting out scissors paper.

Opening Song • Story • Action Song, Rhyme or Fingerplay • Story • Action Song, Rhyme or Fingerplay • Story • Goodbye Song

Interactive Storytime

Homework Help

Activities keep children engaged and attentive!  “The children are always excited about books and the Librarian visit. She knows exactly what they will be interested in.” -Area Preschool Teacher

Love Of Reading

Just For Kids

Library visits help instill a love of reading.  “After our visit, the children really want to visit our book center and they pretend to do what we did during our visit, whether it be a sound of an animal or an action of people from the book.” -Area Preschool Teacher

Outside Of School

1000 Books Before Kindergaren

 “To reach the growing number of children unable to regularly attend and benefit from library programming…it is necessary for libraries to take their programming into the community where the children are.” -Library Preschool Storytimes: Developing Early Literacy Skills in Children

Library Visits Are Fun

Pagina En Espanol

“The Librarian keeps all the children very interactive during library visits. The children really enjoy it when she comes.” -Area Preschool Teacher

Teachers and students.

1000 Books Before Kindergaren

“The children look forward to the visits from the library. She brings new songs and stories at each visit.  They are very engaged during her visit and participate along with the stories and books.” -Area Preschool Teacher

Expanded hours | Closed Sunday | Curbside by appt. | Thanks for wearing your face covering |Details here