Mystery Loves Company 2011

Come join us for a book discussion group especially for Mystery Lovers!!!

When:  Third Wednesday of every month.

Time:  7:00 pm

Where:  Meeting Room (East Wing) at the Fishers Library

Topic:  Varies each month     

For more information: contact the Adult Reference Department at 579-0307.


Any mystery by Archer Mayor in his Joe Gunther series:

Archer Mayor's Joe Gunther detective series, 20 books in all, is one of the most enduring and critically acclaimed police procedural series being written today. For years, Mayor has integrated actual police methodology with intricately detailed plot lines in novels the critics have called "dazzling," and are "among the best cop stories being written today." A conference call with the author will be the highlight of the meeting.


"Child 44" by Tom Rob Smith:

Rising Soviet state security force officer Leo Demidov encounters the test of his career when a serial killer challenges his beliefs about the paradise of the working world, resulting in his demotion and threats against the lives of his family members. A surprising, unexpected story of love and family, of hope and resilience, "Child 44" is a thriller unlike any you have ever read.

MARCH 2011

Mysteries set in Ancient Rome:

Over 2000 years of the Roman Empire has produced more than its share of murder and mayhem - come with us as we explore "death in a toga".

APRIL 2011

Any mystery by Rhys Bowen in her Evan Evans series:

Meet Constable Evan Evans. He's assigned to the small Welsh village of Llanfair where there always seems to be a mysterious death or two

MAY 2011

"Saintly Remains" by Indiana Author Tony Perona:

Freelance reporter Nick Bertetto is visiting his in-laws in Jaspar, IN, when the family cat is found skinned. Other cases of animal abuse lead back to the Columbine-like killings in the local high school the year before.

JUNE 2011

PI Noir:

In the 1930s, the private eye genre was adopted wholeheartedly by American writers. The tough, stylish detective fiction of Dashiell Hammett, Jonathan Latimer, Erle Stanley Gardner and others explored the "mean streets" and corrupt underbelly of the United States. Stark language and flawed heroes are earmarks of this genre.

JULY 2011

Any mystery by Simon Beaufort in his Sir Geoffrey Mappestone series:

12th century England and the Jerusalem of the Crusades are the scenes for murder and mystery - all in a day's work for Sir Geoffrey Mappestone.


"One From the Other" by Philip Kerr:

Working as a private detective in Munich in 1949, Bernie Gunther copes with the chaos of postwar Germany when a woman hires him to find out the fate of her missing husband, a war criminal whose death she wants to confirm.


Mysteries Across the Continents:

Cross the international "dead"-line with us as we explore mysteries from each of the seven continents.


Any mystery by Peter Turnbull in his Hennessey and Yellich series:

Chief Inspector Hennessey and Sergeant Yellich keep the streets of York safe in these cozy police procedurals.


"The Smoke" by Tony Broadbent:

Brought up in one of London's famed street markets, Jethro the cat burglar is as smart as he is streetwise, which is just as well, since he always needs all of his wits about him to pull off the perfect job without getting caught. After he breaks into the Soviet embassy and steals jewels belonging to the ambassador's wife, Jethro comes to the attention of His Majesty's Secret Service, who forces him to revisit the embassy to retrieve a code book for them. But this is all just a setup for a thief to catch a thief, and it leads to a deadly game of cat and mouse to see who will get to Jethro first: Londons gangsters, MI5, or one of the Soviets most formidable secret agents.


Holiday Grab Bag:

Take your chances as you choose one of this year's best mysteries.

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