Introducing our very own Downloadable Library (Update!)

We are thrilled to see so many HEPL patrons taking advantage of our downloadable eBook and audiobook collection, and with all of the new technology available, we are certain the demand for this format will continue to grow.  In an effort to serve you better, HEPL is stepping out of our current ‘shared’ e-library system and developing our very own downloadable library with our patrons’ interests in mind.

Beginning October 19, the Download link on the HEPL website will take you directly to our new e-collection.  This collection will consist of titles selected by HEPL staff, specifically for our patrons, and available only to our patrons.  This should result in shorter waiting lists for HOLDS.  We have also added a 3-week check-out option and an accessibility feature that allows our print-disabled patrons to download various print materials in digital formats.  In the beginning, you may notice a smaller selection but please be patient with us as we quickly try to build the number and variety of selections!

If you have a request you would like for us to consider, please email us through the “Support” option on the e-book collection page, or call the Reference Department at 770-3209 (Noblesville) or 579-0306 (Fishers).

Special notes –

  1. Placed a HOLD through our current system?  Most HOLDS on items will transfer from our current system to our new system.  (Some publishers are no longer participating in library lending, so their items will no longer be offered.)
  2. We will no longer be offering music or video selections through this service.  Free music downloads are available through our Freegal link on the HEPL website.

The mobile app for our site will not be available the first few days of the transition.  Also, it will take a few weeks for the eBook and audiobook records on the HEPL catalog to show the new records.  During this time, you may wish to access the collection directly through the Downloadable Collection site.

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