Ideas Live Here.

The Hamilton East Public Library is here to serve our community. We believe that a public library should be:

  • a dynamic contributor to the Fishers/Noblesville community.
  • a liaison between its members and the world’s knowledge.
  • a variety of evolving technology platforms capable of delivering IDEAS onsite, online, and on demand.
  • a team passionate about preserving the integrity of knowledge.

We want our community to feel connected and informed, and our friendly staff will be able to support you in whatever information you may be pursuing. We are ready to help you unlock a world of ideas.

Mission & Vision


To be our community’s essential connector to information and ideas.


A connected library in a connected community.

Our Guiding Principles


We accept and embrace the idea that we change every day to respond to the needs of our community.


We combine the best of our traditions with an insatiable curiosity to explore new territories and produce new experiences.


We believe that all individuals deserve the same measure of respect, warmth, and opportunity.


Multiple pathways to physical and virtual services facilitate our ability to be where our customers are.

Fishers Library will have a construction related closure on Friday, January 28| See Construction News Here