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Hamilton East Public Library welcomes newcomers. We love helping new patrons learn the ropes. Nowadays, you can do so much more with a library card than just check out books. You can access a vast variety of resources using your card, including:

Whether you realize it or not, the world is right at your fingertips. Take a few minutes to get a card and discover what awaits you at the Hamilton East Public Library!

How To Get Your Hamilton East Public Library Card

If you reside or own property in the township of Delaware, Fall Creek, Noblesville or Wayne in Hamilton County, bring a current, valid photo ID and a document issued within the last 60 days verifying your address to the Service Desk at either Fishers Library or Noblesville Library. Acceptable documents include mail (with a legible postmark), statements, bills, leases, etc. A current driver’s license is also an acceptable form of identification.

If you reside or own property in the township of Adams, Clay, Jackson, or Washington in Hamilton County, bring in a picture ID and your library card from your local library. Hamilton East Public Library (HEPL) has a “reciprocal borrowing” agreement with the public libraries serving those areas. Once your information is verified with the local library, you will be able to use your home library card to borrow material and use other HEPL services (except for e-services and interlibrary loan services).

If you live in White River Township in Hamilton County, there is no public library in White River Township, and no agreement for library services has been signed with a neighboring public library. However, you may obtain a HEPL card with all of the same privileges as a resident’s card by paying the “non-resident fee-payer” fee. Please call the library at 317-773-1384 (Noblesville) or 317-579-0300 (Fishers) to obtain the annual fee amount for the current calendar year.

If you live in the state of Indiana, but outside of Hamilton County, you may obtain library service by presenting an Indiana Public Library Access Card (PLAC) and the public library card issued to you by your local public library. You may purchase a PLAC from your local public library, or you may purchase one when you register at HEPL. Once your information is verified, you will receive a HEPL card for as long as the PLAC is valid.

If you live outside of the state of Indiana, you are not eligible to purchase a PLAC or obtain a library card. You may still use the other services offered by the library, you may browse the collections and periodicals, use the study rooms, attend children’s and adult programs, obtain Reference services, or use the public computers or wireless network.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Library Card

Who may obtain a library card?

Individuals who reside or pay property taxes in Delaware, Fall Creek, Noblesville, and Wayne Townships of Hamilton County are eligible to receive a standard borrower card. Children ages 5 and up are eligible to obtain a library card.

You may also be able to obtain borrowing privileges from HEPL, free of charge, if you are:

  • A resident cardholder from any public library in Hamilton County
  • A teacher who works in any public or non-public K-12 school in Delaware, Fall Creek, Noblesville, or Wayne Townships of Hamilton County
  • A school, church, government office, organization or business located in Delaware, Fall Creek, Noblesville, or Wayne Townships of Hamilton County

Individuals who reside outside of Hamilton County and who are served by a public library are eligible to participate in the PLAC program. The Public Library Access Card allows cardholders to obtain borrowing privileges at any participating public library in Indiana. PLAC cards may be purchased at any public library for an annual fee.

Individuals or families living in a non-library taxing district may purchase a non-resident HEPL card by paying the current non-resident fee. For more information on obtaining a library card and other circulation policies please click here.

How do I get a library card?

To apply for a library card, visit the Service Desk at either the Fishers or Noblesville Library. Please bring with you:

  • A current photo ID, such as driver’s license or state issued ID, passport, or school ID.
  • A document dated within the last 60 days that verifies your address, such as a bill, statement, or lease.
  • If you are a cardholder at another library, and are applying for reciprocal privileges or a PLAC card, please also bring your home library card.
  • If you are applying for a teacher or corporate card, please also bring proof of your employment in our taxing district.
What does my library card allow me to do?

Your card entitles you to borrow any circulating print and non-print materials available at the Fishers or Noblesville Libraries. Resident and PLAC cardholders also have access to our online resources and downloadable collections. Reciprocal borrowers should go through their home library for access to online resources.

All guests at the library, whether they have borrower privileges or not, are welcome to browse our collections, use our public computers, and attend programs!

Do you have questions about getting a library card?

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