Nancy Clancy Super Slueth

Nancy Clancy Super Slueth

Nancy ClancyNancy Clancy Super Slueth

By: Jane O’Connor

Nancy has always been interested in investigating, which is a professional word for snooping. Nancy and her best friend, Bree, are fans of Nancy Drew. Together, Bree and Nancy hone their detective skills in their Sleuth headquarters, Nancy’s clubhouse. Nancy, of course, loves to dress the part of a detective in her pink trench coat. The two young detectives work on solving the secret of the twins and the case of the missing marble.

This is a wonderful early chapter for ages 7 to 10. Readers will learn new vocabulary words from Nancy as she tries to express her grown up side. The illustrations throughout the book help young readers visualize Nancy Clancy’s world.

Review By: Roberta O’Boyle

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