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Hamilton East Public Library is here for you. Are you interested in using the library’s services, but you aren’t sure where to start because you have too many questions? We can help!

For your convenience, we’ve added this Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) section to our site to help you find what you need quickly. Feel free to browse through our questions below to see if you can find answers to your questions. If you have questions about our services, please feel free to visit our services page… you may be surprised at the wide variety of resources available to you!

If you cannot find an answer to your question, don’t hesitate to ask any staff member at Hamilton East Public Library. You can also visit our policies page for more detailed information. We are here to help you find what you need.

How do I get a library card?

If you reside or own property in the township of Delaware, Fall Creek, Noblesville or Wayne in Hamilton County, bring a current, valid photo ID and a document issued within the last 60 days verifying your address to the Circulation Desk at either Fishers Library or Noblesville Library. Acceptable documents include mail (with a legible postmark), statements, bills, leases, etc. A current driver’s license is also an acceptable form of identification.

If you reside or own property in the township of Adams, Clay, Jackson, or Washington in Hamilton County, bring in a picture ID and your library card from your local library. Hamilton East Public Library (HEPL) has a “reciprocal borrowing” agreement with the public libraries serving those areas. Once your information is verified with the local library, you will be able to use your home library card to borrow material and use other HEPL services (with the exception of e-services and interlibrary loan services).

If you live in White River Township in Hamilton County, there is no public library in White River Township, and no agreement for library services has been signed with a neighboring public library. However, you may obtain a HEPL card with all of the same privileges as a resident’s card by paying the “non-resident fee-payer” fee. Please call the library at 317-773-1384 (Noblesville) or 317-579-0301 (Fishers) to obtain the amount of the annual fee for the current calendar year.

If you live in the state of Indiana but outside of Hamilton County, library service may be obtained by presenting an Indiana Public Library Access Card (PLAC) and the public library card issued to you by your local public library. You may purchase a PLAC from your local public library, or you may purchase one when you register at HEPL. Once your information is verified, you will receive a HEPL card for as long as the PLAC is valid.

If you live outside of the state of Indiana, you are not eligible to purchase a PLAC or obtain a library card. You may still use the other services offered by the library — you may browse the collections and periodicals, use the study rooms, attend children’s and adult programs, obtain reference services, or use the Computer Lab or wireless network.

Where can I use my card?

Your HEPL card can be used at either Fishers Library or Noblesville Library.  Additionally, if you register as a reciprocal borrower, you may use any library in Hamilton County (Carmel, Westfield, Hamilton North and Sheridan).  Ask our Circulation staff for more details about the reciprocal borrowing program!

Do I have to have my library card with me to check out or use library materials?

For your own protection, we strongly recommend that you present your library card every time you check out materials. However, if you do not have your library card with you, you may checkout items by showing a valid photo ID at the Circulation Desk.

What if I lose my card?

If your library card is lost or stolen, it is your responsibility to notify the library immediately. If you do not notify us, you will be held responsible for all items checked out on your card. This includes all overdue fines and/or replacement charges for lost or damaged material. Once you notify the library the card is missing, a block will immediately be placed on the card so that it cannot be used by anyone.  Depending on the card’s expiration date, a replacement fee may be charged.

How soon after I apply for a library card can I check out materials?

If you present all of the requested items at registration (see “How do I get a library card” above), you will have full privileges and be able to use your card immediately. If your residence cannot be verified, you will be issued a card and be able to check out two items with limited services until your residence is verified. If you register as a “reciprocal borrower” (resident outside the HEPL service area, but in Hamilton County except White River Township), or as a PLAC borrower, you will be able to use the library as soon as your registration information is verified.

What does my library card allow me to do?

For HEPL card holders over the age of 18, your card entitles you to borrow any circulating print and non-print materials available at Fishers Library or Noblesville Library. You are also entitled to use all of the library’s services, from downloading eBooks to using public computers lab or wireless network.
If you are under the age of 18, your card entitles you to borrow any circulating print materials. The borrowing of DVDs and use of the public computer lab is limited to those whose parent or guardian has signed the Parental Consent form on the application for a library card.

How old does my child have to be to get a library card?

Children 5 years of age and older are eligible to get a library card as long as their parent/guardian reside or own property in the township of Delaware, Fall Creek, Noblesville or Wayne in Hamilton County.

If I have a card issued through the PLAC program, what does that allow me to do?

PLAC cardholders have access to print, non-print and electronic resources provided by HEPL. Interlibrary loan requests for items not available through HEPL’s collections must be requested through the patron’s home library.

If I have purchased a non-resident fee-payer library card, what am I allowed to do?

Your card entitles you to check out the same materials and enjoy the same library services as residents of the HEPL service area.

When does my library card or PLAC expire?

Standard HEPL cards are valid for up to two years after issue date. If you have a HEPL card issued through the PLAC card program, your HEPL card will expire on the same date as your PLAC card (and can be renewed by presenting a new PLAC card). Non-resident fee-payer cards expire one year from the date on which the fee was paid. Reciprocal cards expire one year from the date of registration.

What are the fines for overdue materials?

Most items at the library have a late fee of 25 cents per item per day. This amount may vary. To get a complete view of the library’s limits, fines, and fees, click the button below:

Can I renew an item online?

Yes, as long as the item is eligible for renewal, is not on hold for another patron, and your overdue fees aren’t at or above $5.00. At $5.00, the card is blocked. Items also cannot be renewed if the library card has expired. To avoid incurring late fees, plase call Fishers library (317.579.0300) or Noblesville library (317.773.1384) for assistance with renewals if unable to access your account online, or if you have difficulty renewing materials.

How to renew an item online?

Go to the “My Account” button located on the home page. Select log in and enter your library card number (without spaces) and your PIN. [If you do not know your PIN, please present a photo ID and your library card at the Circulation Desk the next time you are in the Library.] Once logged in, click on the “Checkouts” tab. Select the item(s) you wish to renew, and then click the blue “Renew” button. After confirming your renewal, check for confirmation. Successful renewals will be indicated with a message in green text. If an item has holds, or is ineligible for renewal, a message in red text will display to indicate that the renewal was unsuccessful. Please contact your library at 317.773.1384 (Noblesville) or 317.579.0300 (Fishers) if you are unable to renew your items online.

Some of our materials are not eligible for renewal; Bestseller Express materials, and materials that have a holds queue. Items that are eligible for renewal can be renewed a total of five times, each time for the length of the original loan period.

If you need assistance, or have questions specific questions about the renewal process, please contact us at 773-1384 (Noblesville) or 579-0300 (Fishers).

Can I place a hold on an item online?

Yes. First, find the item in our catalog. Click the “Place Hold” link. If you are not already logged in, enter your library card number (without spaces) and PIN, and select the location, Fishers or Noblesville, where you will pick up the item. NOTE: To place a hold online, your account must have a status of “OK” (no overdue items or outstanding fines).

Can I recommend specific materials I would like to see at the library?

Yes.  We encourage our readers to make suggestions for new additions to our catalog.  Whether the library purchases the item or borrows it from another library, we usually can get requests to customers within three weeks.

What do I do if I’ve lost or damaged library material?

Please contact the library for evaluation of the item. Because we reserve the right to replace specific lost or damaged items with more up-to date versions or formats based on Library needs, HEPL does not accept replacements in lieu of payment for lost or damaged items.

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